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Off the beaten track. Uncrowded waves. High quality breaks. Welcome to Nature’s Playground, the only luxury surf resort in the Maldives with its own wave breaking right onto the shore at Vodi Point.

Just off the edge of Niyama’s Play Island you’ll find Vodi, a powerful and sometimes hollow left hander. Off to the west and five minutes away by speedboat, Kasabu is a rippable and hollow right hander. Or explore some other options around Niyama under different conditions.

Our surf guides keep an eye on the conditions and will recommend the time and place to surf to get the most out of your holiday. If Vodi is breaking well, it’s a simple paddle out. If conditions are better for another spot – they will let you know.

See our Instagram surf account for more.

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This wave works best when the wind blows from a north to easterly direction making the left hander hollow and rippable. It usually picks up more swell than Kasabu, as it is perfectly exposed to south and southwest swells. 

When small, the wave is fun and caters to beginners, longboards and funboards. When bigger, it becomes suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. 

The best part of all is you can reach this wave by simply walking to the point and paddling out – no boat transfer is needed. Upon request, we'll do our best to get you a beach villa as close to the spot as possible.

Biolos Surf Week October 12-18

Surf Week and Niyama with Matt Biolos of …LOST Surfboards, Kolohe Andino, and Coco Ho - October 12-18, 2020
Hang out and surf with Kolohe and Coco, and Matt for a week, getting tips from the pros. Matt will watch you surf, learn about where you surf most of the time, and consult with you to get your custom designed, shaped. And signed …Lost surfboard made and delivered to your door after the event.
The event is exclusive and limited.

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This is the spot to surf in west to northwest winds, located on the opposite side of the channel approximately ten minutes by boat. The wave wraps in on the reef by more than 90 degrees and is a world-class right hander suited to intermediate and advanced surfers. In medium-sized swells, enjoy the long, rippable walls and end barrel section.

Access Kasabu via our surf transfer service.



There are a number of other surf spots in and around the Dhaalu Atoll that can be explored during your stay. For those looking for the ultimate adventure, ask about a private seaplane to access any wave in the Maldives!


Calling all beginners – learn to surf at Niyama with a dedicated instructor in either our placid lagoon to practise fundamental techniques, or our “channel wave” that is perfect to learn on!

For pros looking to up their game, take a few private coaching lessons to perfect your technique. 

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Surf’s up at Niyama Private Islands Maldives, with renowned professional surf photographer, Erick Proost arriving in early March to start a three-month residency. 
Returning to the resort for the third time, Erick will be capturing action images of guests riding the waves during their stay at the resort.

Having worked with world champions and professional surfers, Erick is a cinematographer and photographer specialised in surfing and water shots, and 
spends his day swimming in the ocean at Vodi or out on boats to other surf breaks taking pictures of surfing guests. 

After a day’s surfing, guests can hang out with Erick and other surfers at the Surf Shack, the perfect spot for sundowners, whilst enjoying rum cocktails,
gourmet snacks from the food truck and a reggae soundtrack.



As the sun sets over the ocean swells, head to the Surf Shack with the dudes. Here, the Rastaman shakes up classic rum cocktails to the cool rhythms of reggae.


If you plan to bring your own surfboard to the resort, kindly let us know the number of and dimensions of each board bag during the reservations process. On seaplanes, there may be a delay in transporting your board due to limited space. Alternatively, you can travel to the resort via commercial domestic flight, or send your board on the domestic to experience the sea plane!


FLOAT, Niyama’s water sports centre, offers an array of tailor-made surf programmes and itineraries to suit every level of surfer. 




If you plan to bring your own surfboard to the resort, kindly let us know the number of and dimensions of each board during the reservations process.

Due to limited space on seaplanes, there may be a delay in transporting your board to the resort. Alternatively, you can travel to the resort via a domestic flight.


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