Underwater or above the waves. Float offers endless ways to explore the grandeur of the Indian Ocean. Choose from diving and snorkelling journeys or dozens of water sports, fishing and cruising adventures.

Activities map


Set your destination for Hammerhead Point or the manta rays of Bull Bull. Embark on a Turtle Quest. Snorkel the house reef free of charge throughout your stay, or enlist the expertise of our in-house experts for a guided tour of the reefs secrets. 

Capture the abstractions of the reef with underwater photography. Introduce your little ones to diving with a Bubble Maker course. Join in the underwater ballet of the atoll.


Battle man versus beast in a big game fishing expedition, reeling in a great trevally or majestic sailfish. Explore a local island and make new friends. Soar aboard a dhoni into the sunset. Ivory sails billow in the wind against swirling pastels of the sky as dozens of spinner dolphins twirl in the wake.

Choose from a portfolio of cruises or seize the freedom of the ocean and charter one of our fleet: Bolt & Zip, Fathom, Fishtail, Aquadisiac and Freebird.


Ride the barrel. Take to the sky. Skip, slice, carve or bob. FLOAT boasts an adrenaline-surged array of water sports: jetskiing, waterskiing, mono-skiing, wakeboard, kneeboarding, catamarans, windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, fun tubes and more.

Gaze into the liquid crystal of a glass kayak. Seabob, racing underwater and bursting to the surface on a 20 km/hour rocket. Surf from the island’s tail – a perfect spot for medium and advanced divers.