Off the beaten track. Uncrowded waves. High quality breaks. Welcome to Nature’s Playground. Welcome to the only luxury resort in the Maldives that has waves break directly onto the island.

Here the waves are relatively mellow and playful, but challenging at times and suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers with some spots perfect for beginner coaching. Expect a good set of waves and around five average surfable waves rolling out every five minutes. And no crowds.

Just off the edge of Niyama’s Play Island you’ll find a classic, powerful left hand ride.  Off to the West and just five minutes away by speedboat is Kasabu surf point at Kudahuvadhoo Corner - a superb hollow right hander. Head East for ten minutes to Hocus Pocus at Maeenboodhoo Corner for another barrelling right hander. Or stay closer to the island at Vodi surf point at Niyama Corner for a good length left hander.

And when you’ve done riding the waves for the day, chill out in your customised Surf Beach Studio or Surf Beach Suite with surfboard rack and other surf amenities and necessities right on the beach at Play Island’s Surf Corner. 

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This wave works best when the wind is from a North to Easterly direction. Or with just a light breeze this left hander becomes perfect. It usually picks up even more swell than Kasabu as it is perfectly exposed to Southwesterly swell. The wave is faster and more challenging, yet makeable for the intermediate to advanced surfer. Even when the swell is small the waves are still really fun and cater well to for longboards and funboards as well as beginner surfers.

The best part of all - you can reach this wave from land by simply walking to the point and paddling out - and upon request we'll do our best to get you a Beach Studio as close to the spot as possible. 


This is the main spot to be surfed in Northwesterly wind directions. It works best in westerly to northwesterly winds or with no wind at all. Kasabu is located on the opposite side of the channel from Niyama's Play island, approximately 10 minutes away by boat. The reef is perfectly shaped and offers world class right hand waves suited for all levels.

Beginners can surf down towards the lagoon in the North where the waves fade out and are more user friendly but still really enjoyable. In medium sized swells, Intermediate and Advanced surfers can enjoy the corner where the wave wraps around the point offering long, rippable walls.


There are a number of other surf spots in and around Dhaal Atoll that can be explored during your stay at Niyama. Mad and Swirl are located on the West Coast and can be reached by speedboat within 35 minutes. They pick up all westerly swells and are protected by all easterly wind directions. The south coast of the Dhaal Atoll offers even more spots such as Hocus Pocus, Tio, Van Damme and Candy. The one surf spot that stands out is Hocus Locus. It is a challenging but rewarding right hander that barrels over a shallow reef.

The only wind direction hostile and onshore to all surf spots in the Dhaal Atoll is a South to South West wind. When the wind blows from this direction you could potentially go to Inside Mikado in Thaa Atoll which is approximately 60 minutes away by speedboat.



As the sun sets over the ocean swells, head off to the Surf Shack with the dudes. Here the Rastaman mixes classic Rum cocktails from the Caribbean Islands to the rhythms of reggae music. Ya mon.


FLOAT, Niyama’s water sports centre, offers an array of tailor made surf programmes and services to suit every surfer. From beginner coaching courses to various surf pass options that offer on-demand boat transfers to surf points located away from the resort, the professional Surf Dude is on hand to coax first timers or use video analysis to help intermediate surfers get to the next level.



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